Food and Water

Our Menu on the mountain

A dining tent complete with chairs is available exclusively for meals. During your climb on Kilimanjaro, you can expect to be served a variety of meals, with a guideline as follows:


For breakfast, porridge is a common option, along with sausages and eggs, toast with marmalade or jam, and hot drinks like tea, coffee, or chocolate. Our guides will take into consideration the appetite of each climber and provide more food than necessary if necessary.


Lunch usually comes in the form of a packed lunch that you will carry in your daypack. This usually includes a boiled egg, sandwiches, a chicken portion, fresh fruit, and a cold drink. After a day of walking, you will be served afternoon tea with biscuits, peanuts, salted popcorn, and hot drinks.


Dinner starts with soup, followed by a main course of chicken or meat with a vegetable sauce, some cabbage, and rice, pasta, or potatoes, with fresh fruit for dessert.