Kilimanjaro Day Pack

Items to consider on your day pack

When it comes to your main luggage, our porters will take care of it and transport it to the next camp ahead of you. Hence, it’s crucial to choose your daypack wisely. A daypack with a capacity of 25 liters is usually enough, as long as you pack it efficiently. Our guides will provide daily advice on what to pack based on the altitude, weather conditions, and other factors. Here is a general list to give you a better understanding of what items are typically carried. 

  • Water bottles (2 litres minimum) – Wide mouth bottles are ideal since their opening is less likely freeze. Camel bags are great but they may freeze on the summit night.
  • Headlamp – You will need a headlamp for the climb on the summit-night and in the evenings. Make sure you have enough batteries with you
  • Packed lunch (if no hot lunch camp is served in the camp)
  • Snacks –  i.e. chocolate bars and/or energy drinks
  • Personal medical kit
  • Camera 
  • Sun protection (glasses, hat and crème)
  • Rainwear
  • Toilet paper
  • Wet wipes (for cleaning your face and hands)
  • MP3 player or Ipod (for the long walk to the summit it is nice to listen to music)
  • Mobile phone / tablet (to post your summit success to your friends)
  • Power Bank