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About Cultural Tourism Tours in Tanzania

While in Tanzania, Kalala Tours and Safaris limited will also give you an opportunity to explore the typical life of the local people with their daily activities. We believe that, interacting with the locals / indigenous (talk to them, eat with them, play with them, dance with them, etc), will help to make your expedition a memorable one. The following are just some of the exciting cultural tourism programs that can be added to your itinerary on request.

Matruni Cultural Tourism & Waterfalls

This is another attraction you can top up into your package. This located at Moshi 20km from Moshi town and 105km from Arusha. Here you will be able to witness the natural water falls from the hill top to the basement of Mount Kilimanjaro (The roof of Africa). While at Materuni you will have a moment to learn about the traditional popular tribe of Chagga. If time doesn’t limit you may also pay a visit to the oldest Chagga state house which was established by the then Chagga Ruler (famous in the name of Mangi) many years before Tanzania Independent flag was raised.

Also you will have a moment to see / learn how they make their local beer, roasting local arabicca coffee, and other local food. If interested you may tested these local foods and local beer and on top of that if you are a coffee lover you may buy your home package to put a mark in their life as well as yours. Materuni Cultural tourism will again leave you with unforgettable experience for your entire life.

A visit to Ilkiding’a

Our experienced cultural tourism guide will take you to Maasai Boma, the oldest African irrigation system, and experience their culture and enjoy traditional food. You will also walk into the house of the traditional healer who will answer historical questions. Craftsmen group will show you small wooden stools, jewelers, knives, and traditional clothing.

A visit to Ilkurot

This is located 20km west of Arusha city along Arusha – Namanga -Nairobi road. Here you will have trekking experience of Ngorora Hill, thereafter visit Maasai Boma to have a true experience of African Culture on general Maasai life, Maasai dancing group, and visit Maasai colorful market.

A visit to the Bushmen

There are people who live in the forest near Lake Eyasi called “Bushmen” They live like the ancient men depending on gathering fruits, hunting animals, and live in caves or forest. They don’t wear clothes. The cultural tourism visit to this area will enable you to see them. Natural walking is taking place around the area. The tour takes two/three nights and there are five campsites that can offer accommodation or we can drive to the place with our own tents and chefs in board. In late hours we camp at the public campsite for accommodation.

A visit to Longido

Near the Kenyan border, Namanga in Longido you will have a unique experience taming animals by camel ride, learn, and even act the Maasai way of life. Animal and Bird watching experience is what you can never miss a day in Longido.

A visit to Sapuk

On a cultural tour in Sapuk you will visit the amazing Waterfall, beautiful forest catchment, Hollytree view of the city of Arusha. The more you spend time on the tour the most you enjoy the tour and learn more.

A visit to Mto wa Mbu

Mto wa Mbu is a small town situated adjacent to Lake Manyara National Park. In MtoWaMbu is the only point in Africa where four (4) languages meet; the Nilotes, Cush*tes, Bantu, and Hamites a unique cultural feature in the World. It’s a point in Tanzania where anthropology is most diverse. Visit Maasai boma, dancing, market, schools, and community projects will be offered. Maasai village visit to foster the true experience of most complex cultural experience in Africa is a gift will be difficult to forget in your entire life. Hike the rift valley wall and view the Lake Manyara.

A visit to Monduli Juu

Monduli Juu is located 50km northwest of Arusha on the road to the Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. You will have a moment to experience the walking and trekking of Monduli Mountains, visit Maasai women on Jewellery and handcrafts. The “Kona Saba” escarpment climb, medicinal herbs tour, evergreen rain forest tour and a rest at astonishing panorama’s overlooking the rift valley and the only active volcano in Tanzania, Mount Oldoinyo Lengai (the mountain of God). This will again leave you with true African memory in your entire life.

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